Where Change Starts

How can we change rape culture? Seeds are being planted right now and we need to encourage each other to ask questions, to learn consent, to set boundaries.

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The Light of Day

Recent news makes us feel that abuse is everywhere. It’s scary, but in truth, this has always been happening. Now it’s being exposed to the healing light of day.

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Your Questions

The Timeshare went on sale a few days ago and I’m getting emails with excellent questions. One that I’ve heard a lot is - Why isn’t Sophie hospitalized? (Sophie is my protagonist’s wife and she’s living with multiple personality disorder.) Mental illness is most both...

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The Response

The Timeshare comes out 9/4, and we're having events where I'm sharing part of the audio book and the response is bringing me to tears. So many people are impacted with mental health issues - whether they have a diagnosis, they're a caretaker or someone they love is...

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