In The Timeshare, I deal with issues around child abuse and rape. Current events are stirring up memories for so many people and my heart goes out to you. For others, there is shock and concern – they have children and are worried about what all this means for the future. The thing to remember is that this has always been going on, but now – finally – people can speak up and reveal what happened to them. They will finally be believed. They will finally be heard. Their truth is finally seeing the light of day. This is a time of healing.

As I’m listening to the me too stories, the times up posts, I’m encouraged by the strength and courage of survivors. Connie Chung just came forward. Ellen Degeneres shared her story again. And each time someone shares, it provides space for others to remember and heal. They may not do it publicly, but even if they just tell the truth to themselves, it provides the opportunity to shine a light of healing into a dark area. 

Please remember that it’s not only women and girls who are being sexually assaulted and that men struggle to speak up as well. We need to support and encourage them to tell their truth, to find support and care. My concern is that I’m seeing a tendency to separate men and women – one as the offender, the other as victim. In truth, we are all in this together. As we saw with Steve in The Timeshare, he knew he was expected to be strong and also found it hard to find and accept support. 

All of this is also making think, especially for trans friends who have faced incredible prejudice and violence. but that’s another blog post for another day. For now, my thoughts are with everyone who is healing. It can be scary to speak your truth, but it can also be enormously liberating. There is no right or wrong way to speak up. Do what’s right for you. 

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