The Timeshare comes out 9/4, and we’re having events where I’m sharing part of the audio book and the response is bringing me to tears. So many people are impacted with mental health issues – whether they have a diagnosis, they’re a caretaker or someone they love is struggling. They come up to me afterwards and tell me their story – and how this book is helping them to feel heard and understood.

Caretakers, especially, are the unsung heroes. We have a shortage of resources for people who are dealing with neurodiversity, so their care can fall to the family. But families aren’t trained professionals – knowing how to help is hit and miss. They also don’t know how to shield themselves from the emotional energy drain and boundaries are tough to draw.

In my book, Kevin and Steve talk about this – that it can feel like you’re pouring your energy into someone you love, only to see it siphoned off by the illness.

There are resources out there, but sometimes they’re expensive. Consider checking out your local government and faith communities – they sometimes offer group support and private counseling. One of the hardest things about caretaking is dealing with the isolation. As Dr. Newman suggests in my book, a hobby can be a life-saver – providing you with a break, something to take your mind off of things and something to feel passionate about. Something to think about.

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